2/5/21  Hello, well we finally got some more snow.  With it being Friday and SCTA policy is to avoid grooming on the weekends, grooming will start Sunday night and should be wrapped up by Wednesday.

Ok Everyone, Here we go...

All Groomers will be out on the trail starting Tuesday 1/26/21 Morning.

A few Things to Remember:

1) Groomers always have the right of way on the trail, Please give the operators as much room as possible and wait for them to signal you past safely.

2) MN Statue 160.2715 states that its a misdemeanor to obstruct a road Right of Way. This includes the piling of Snow. if you or your plow guy have piled snow at the end of your driveway you may end up with snow on the driveway.... we do our best to prevent this but depending on where your snow is piled this may happen.



Still need more snow until we can start grooming


Good Morning, Well the new snow was very welcome, but unfortunately it does not have much moisture in it. At this time, we feel we would do more harm than good if we went out and groom. We will reevaluate this weekend. If you are venturing out on the trails do not ride on the same track spread out to help us pack the snow and help push the frost down.



Still need more snow!!  We have a lot of open areas yet due to the wind.  Hoping for more snow this week to have something to groom. 

If you venture out we ask to spread out across the trail with riding to help pack them down and get frost pushed down.