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Who We Are.


The Big Lake Sno-Cruisers were incorporated as a club in 1970 and are one of three that form the Sherburne County Snowmobile Trail Association.  Our mission is to develop, maintain, and preserve the sport of snowmobiling in Sherburne County, Minnesota. 

Sno-Cruiser Trail Section Leaders are responsible for over 140 miles of trails in Becker, Big Lake, Clear Lake, Orrock, Palmer , and Santiago Township.







The chief goal of the club is to have best snowmobile trail system possible with the resources available and time donated by volunteers, club members, and other benevolent stakeholders sharing in this cause.   

The benefits of the club's existence go beyond the sport of snowmobiling:

-Neighbors get to know each other.

-Friendships are formed. 

-Recreation opportunities are expanded.

-Local businesses are supported.

-Communities are strengthened. 

"We may play in the cold but Sno-Cruiser hearts are some of the warmest you'll find."

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