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What We Do.

Monthly Meetings

First Thursday of Each Month at 7:30PM .  

Trail Shed

26166 County Road 4 Northwest

Orrock, MN 55309


These club events raise vital support for grooming equipment, insurance, and maintaining the trail system.

Organize Trails

There is much work in planning trails to safely traverse across ever-changing public & private lands.

Thank You Landowners!

Have Fun

From club rides to summer outings, being a Sno-Cruiser offers many activities to get out and meet fellow snow-minded enthusiasts

Maintain Trails

Once routes are approved, the physical work of creating, signing, & upkeeping the trails begins

Thank Your Clubs!

Community Involvement​

The trails are made possibly by local people and local support.   Sno-Cruisers are proud to give back to our favorite hometowns

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